English Counseling and Psychotherapy in Tokyo


I don’t know why, but I am aware that this website, though written in Japanese, has been visited by English-speakers as well.  I have a Google translator button above, as you may see, and know that it translates awful, sorry (though some say English-Japanese is not too bad).  I am to construct a page or website in English.

Still, it is true that Openmind Psychology has been helping English-speakers.  My first client here in Tokyo was somehow an Irish man.  Since then, I have had various English-speakers in my practice: they were from the US, Canada, India, Malaysia, etc.  Race-wise I have had Africans, Asians and Caucasians/Europeans.  You would agree that English speakers are very diverse.

The language spoken in counseling/psychotherapy is actually important.  If you live in Tokyo/Japan, just finding a therapist who speaks English (or other languages of yours) can be a challenge.  But there are cultures behind, as well as what we call the “match” between the client and the therapist.  When the relationship works well, the “healing” process tends to go well, too.

Living in a foreign country can be fun, but may not be so all the time.  You may first be fascinated by all the new experiences and people, and then later experience some disappointment and disillusionment.  Or you may first have a sort of severe resistance and later feel fitting in better.  Whatever your process might be, it can be a process of self-exploration and personal growth.

The actuality is that I have lived in a foreign country to me, the US - that is why I can be empathic and understanding about what you could be going through.  Of course, my practice is not solely based on my personal experience, but I also stand on a solid psychological ground. I am a US-trained psychologist, studied both clinical psychology and cultural psychology at the graduate school level.

In terms of problem-areas I have worked with, those are: depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, career/work issues, marital problems and parenting, trauma-related issues, health issues, eating disorders, acculturation, life transitions, adolescence, creativity, and so on.  If you have any particular problem in mind and are wondering, please inquire (I can make referrals for sure, too).

As a native I believe that Japan is a wonderful place to live, rich with nature, cultural heritages and modern technology/convenience. Living in Japan can be a great part of your life. Adding psychological can make it even more so, if you are currently experiencing any distress.  So, if you are ever interested in getting help, or just need somebody who will listen to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I would be happy to set up the first session with you.

(Openmind Psychology is conveniently located in Shibuya, walking distance from Shibuya Station. I occasionally see clients at another location in Gotanda. Also offering online sessions as requested.)